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Cinco De Mayo: How To Make Handmade Paper Decorations


Cinco De Mayo is a festive holiday to celebrate!  An easy way to add festive colors to your decor is to make handmade decorations.

Supply List:

Paper Garland

The first step is the cut out a bunch of cacti from the green paper. You can either find a template online or use your creativity to cut them free hand. We suggest cutting multiple sheets of paper at a time to be more efficient. Set aside.

To make pinwheels take one piece of paper and use a ruler or a paint stick to help lineup where to fold. Make one fold the with of the paint stick then flip the paper over to make the same fold the on the opposite side. Continue until you have done this to the entire piece of paper. This will make your paper look like an accordion. While folded, fold in half and cut into two smaller halves.


To assemble the pinwheel take the ends on the same side and match them up, crease at the middle point. Apply hot glue to one half of the paper and glue the halves together. This will fan half of your pinwheel. Repeat this process on the other side until you have a complete pinwheel. Apply small amounts of hot glue at the touching points inside of the pinwheels to secure it.



Use a different color than your pinwheel and cut out a circle. Glue this circle in the middle of your pinwheel as an accent.

Make multiple pinwheels for your paper garland alternating the colors and cacti. Use your hot glue gun to then glue the paper decorations on a piece of string. Make as many as you need to fill up the desired length of your string.

Table Centerpiece

What is a party without a table piece to match your garland? This added touch will impress your friends and family.

Choose the color you want to make a large fan with. Fold two pieces of paper just as you did when creating the pinwheels except do not cut it in half when you complete the folding. To assemble the fan, take the ends on the same side and match them up, crease at the middle point. Apply hot glue to one half of the paper and glue the halves together. Repeat this process on the other piece of paper then glue the two pieces together to create one large fan.


Take another color and create a small fan, folding the paper to resemble an accordion and cut in half like the pinwheels. Glue one side together to create a fan.

Apply hot glue to the piece of craft wood and glue the bottom of your large fan to it. The wood will act as an anchor and hold your fan down. Using the same color, glue extra pieces of paper to cover the piece of wood.


Take the small fan and glue the bottom to the face of the base on the large fan. When you set up the large fan it will look like a stage for the last step! Glue a single cactus in the middle to display on your fanned out stage and you are set!

Place your paper crafts in your party room and celebrate Cinco De Mayo in style!



3 Reasons Why Crafters Are Beloved


craft cover image

When you hear the word “craft”, does a smile come across your face and a sense of calm immediately follow? Then you just might be a crafter!  Crafters have creative outside of the box thinking that helps make the world go round. Here are our top three reasons why crafters are awesome.

1. Inventive

Crafters are on the forefront of innovation. They find ingenious ways to solve little and big problems with simple solutions that leaves other people asking themselves, “why didn’t I think of that?” Give a crafter a hot glue gun and you can watch them create something out of nothing in a matter of minutes. These real world visionaries, not only solve problems, but their solution always ends up picturesque.

2. Inspirational

When you are searching for amazing things you can make at home, the first stop is usually the internet. There you can browse through multiple brilliant ideas at once and find your own inspiration through them. Crafters spend countless hours on blogs and social media, sharing their works of art and ideas with the world and for that, we thank them! Their hard work inspires their peers, aspiring crafters and the younger generations that will follow.

3. Magicians

One thing is for certain, crafts do not always go perfectly the first time around. Even the most experienced crafters knows anything can go wrong, but a resourceful crafter knows how to keep calm, cover it up and move on. Sometimes the best craft inspiration ideas come out of crafting fails. We like to think of this as “crafters magic.” One minute the project is falling apart and the next minute it’s done and looks like a stunning masterpiece.




If you have a beloved crafter in your life, please bookmark our web site as one of your favorites and keep our hot glue products in mind for projects and gift ideas!


Pet Safety Tips For Arts and Crafts


Pets are curious by nature. They love to get in the middle of everything their humans are doing, but, sometimes safety can become an issue. When working with a project, it is important to keep the animals of the house safe. These four tips will help your best furry-friend stay safe while you are creating a DIY masterpiece.

Keep Your Crafts Organized

There will be many times where your project contains small pieces that your pet can get hold of and chew or swallow like glues sticks.  We suggest keeping the these items that could potentially harm out of reach.  This gives your furry friend less opportunities to grab hold of something they shouldn’t have.

Divert Attention


Sometimes the best way to keep your pets safe while you are crafting is to divert their attention to something else. If you have a cat or a dog that likes to stay close by then bring them into another room with a few toys for them to play with.  Bringing a toy into another area may divert their attention long enough for you  to work on your DIY project.

Clean After Crafting

After you have completed your project, be sure to clean your work area thoroughly. Put any small items away in bins and make sure there is nothing left out for your pet to find later. A few glue gun tips we have is to make sure your glue gun is cool and unplugged before walking away from it.  Our furry best friends don’t know that it can harm them so it’s our job to make sure we protect them.

Be Aware


Lastly, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings.  Know where your pet is at all  times. If they seem to be interested in your project, keep them at a safe distance. It may not be an  easy task, however, it’s worth it.  A pet is just not an animal in your home, but it is another member of your family.


How To Make A Spring Floral Swag

 Things you need:

The first thing to do is create the bow for your floral swag.  The ribbon is burlap, which can melt easily with enough hot glue. Use enough hot glue to keep some points together. We suggest using your glue gun at a low temp to reduce any damage done on your ribbons. Depending on the material, some ribbons will hold up better to the hot glue than others.

This swag design was influenced by country fields filled with lavender so we tied our bow loosely to give it a relaxed feel.  We also left tails of the bow as long as the entire swag. Once the bow is completed, set it aside.


Arrange the flowers how you would like to see them together in the swag. We chose a larger lavender to be our solid base and glued additional flowers to it. Use the wire cutters to trim stems of any flowers that may be too long. When you are happy with your arrangement, choose a point at the base where you can apply the hot glue to help hold them together. Be sure that the hot glue is cool before moving on to the loop.

At this point, past the point of your hot glue, start to bend your stems together to create a loop. This will now form the top of your floral swag. Bending the stems prior to taping them together with the floral tape will help keep your floral tape tight. Be sure to tape them together at the end to close the loop.

floral-swag-4web_large floral-swag-5web_large

Now take the bow you created earlier and hot glue it on the bottom of the loop. Allow to cool.

Place the swag on your front door or anywhere that brings you springtime cheer!


Spring Crafts: How To Make A Bunny In A Flower Pot


Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to make seasonal decor that is suited for both the holiday and season. We combined a white fluffy bunny with a garden pot for the perfect Easter or spring decor.

Things you need:

  • Pink foam

  • White foam

  • Scissors

  • X-acto knife

  • Medium Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun – High Temperature

  • General Purpose Clear Sticks

  • Large white pom

  • Medium white pom

  • Small flowers

  • Mini flower pot

  • Hemp cord

  • Cutting surface

  • Non-Stick Glue Pad – 19″ x 19″

Take your x-acto knife and cut out two ovals about an inch long from the white foam. These will be your bunny’s feet. To complete the bunny feet cut out six very small circles for the toe pads and two larger circles for the heel pads. Check the size on the white ovals you have already cut out to ensure they are proportioned and will fit on the white ovals.

Take your high temp glue gun and place four glue dots where the pink pads need to be on your feet. You should have one large one towards the bottom and three of the small ones towards the top.

Next, place some hot melt glue around  one third of your flower pot. Place the large white pom on your glue and allow to cool.

Once cooled, place a dot of hot glue on the front of your large white pom and place your medium pom there. This is your bunny’s puffy tail.

On the front of your white pom, under your medium pom glue your foam bunny feet on either side of your bunny tail.

You should start to visualize a bunny head first into a flower pot. Now grab the small flowers. Apply hot glue to the base of the small flowers and place on the back of the inside of the flower pot.

Lastly, cut a piece of small diameter hemp string and tie around the front of the flower pot with a bow. Place a small dot of general purpose hot melt glue near the knot of the bow and adhere it to the front of the pot. This will not only help keep your bow tied, but also help keep your string up. If your string seems to be sagging some, just place a dot of glue on the back and adhere the back of the string to your pot.

Lastly, apply hot glue to the base of the small flowers and place on the back of the inside of the flower pot.

This decorative piece is perfect for spring and you’ll be excited to bring it out year after year!



Springtime Baby Chick Floral Centerpiece


Springtime is here!  Instead of buying expensive decor, why not make your own?  With our glue gun and sticks the possibilities are endless! We created an adorable baby chick centerpiece that will be a hit with the kids and adults at Easter dinner.

Things you need:

  • 8 yellow poms
  • 1 plastic egg
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Can or mason jar
  • X-acto knife
  • Pointed tweezers (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Orange foam
  • Yellow foam
  • Wire cutters
  • Googly eyes
  • Long nose pliers
  • Silk or real flowers already arranged
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • General Purpose clear glue sticks
  • Safe cutting surface to use your x-acto knife on

The first thing we need to do is put our baby chicks together. To make the body of the chick, glue two poms together to make it look like a large one. The third pom will be the head, so choose where the front of the chick will be and glue that pom a little closer to that side.


With the x-acto knife, cut out the feet from the orange foam. Use a corner of the foam to make it easier. The top of the corner will be the middle toe. Cut two triangles on each side, then cut the foot out in the shape of a V so you end up with three pointed toes.


The yellow foam will be used to create the wings. When cutting the wings out, it is easier to cut triangles with rounded edges. Next, take your scissors and cut two pieces off of the last pom. With a little bit of hot glue on the wing, carefully place the pom fuzz on the foam to create fuzzy wings. Find where you want to place your wings, then add a small line of glue to adhere the wing to the body of the chick.

After the wings are completed, glue the feet on the bottom of your chick. Be sure to have a small space between them, but be able to allow them to touch. This is will hold our chick up on the wire later in our assembly. Cut out a small yellow triangle and glue some fuzz from your donor pom. Glue this piece to the back towards the bottom of your chick as a cute fuzzy tail.

For the beak, cut a very small triangle and glue upside down on the head of the chick. Lastly, glue the eyes on using the beak as a center point so they look even.

Complete the above steps again to create 2 complete chicks.

While the glue on the chick is cooling, start wiring up the egg. Cut about twenty inches of wire, bend it in half and twist the two sides together to create a stronger wire piece. Depending on the size of your container you may want to bend it in half one more time.

Once you have the length determined, you can now attach it to your egg. Take the tweezers or x-acto knife and twist a hole at the bottom point of the egg. Take your long nose pliers and clamp one end together. Then, poke through the hole on the bottom of the egg.


Take your glue gun and add some glue inside the egg to stabilize the wire and allow to cool. After the glue is cooled, grab your floral tape. Starting from the top, tightly tape around the wire around the top a few times.Continue down the wire at an angle. Cut the tape off once you reach the end of your wire and your egg is now ready for your floral arrangement.

To wire up your chick, apply some hot glue in between the feet of the chick and adhere the wire to the pom. Once you have enough glue added,cover the glue and wire by pushing the chick’s feet together.

Cut your chicken wire ribbon about sixteen inches long for a small container. Place one end of the chicken wire in the container. Go over and across the flowers and place the other end on the other side of the container. Find a good point in the middle and bend the chicken wire at that point, down into the arrangement making a wave. You should have two high points in the wire when you are done. Add you baby chicks and your egg and you just made your very own Easter floral arrangement.


 Stay tuned, we have more Inspirations coming to you soon!


Make A Hot Glue Shamrock For Good Luck On St. Patrick’s Day

March Blog

What you will need:

  • Full size glue gun, 7/16″ diameter
  • Colored Green Hot Melt Glue Sticks, 7/16: diameter
  • Silicone heart mold
  • X-acto knife (optional)
  • Non Stick glue pad

When your glue gun is hot and ready to use, fill three heart molds with green hot melt glue. Complete one heart before going to the next to create a uniform heart without layers. Just like baking, be sure to tap the bottom of your mold on the table to help the glue settle and get rid of any air pockets. Allow the glue to cool.

Once the glue is cool, carefully remove the hearts from the molds. If you have any excess glue on the edges of the hearts, take an X-acto knife and trim those pieces off. Now that we have three clean hearts, we can start to assemble our shamrock.

Place a good amount of hot glue on the bottom point of your heart, then stick another heart right next to it so that the bottoms are touching each other. Take your third heart and place a good amount of glue on the bottom and then place the heart next to the other two. All three hearts should have the bottom points touching each other. You’re most likely will get a glob of glue in the middle. Leave the glue in the center of the shamrock, as that will help hold your hearts together.

March blog 3

Lastly, take a thick line of hot glue and curve it slightly on your  non stick glue pad and place your group of hearts on top of the line so it becomes the stem of your shamrock. Wait for the glue to cool and carefully peel your completed shamrock off the silicone pad.

Make more shamrocks and use as fun home decor, as part of another craft, or as a give-away to wish someone luck. See how to make the gold coins below, and you might even catch a leprechaun!


Easy Valentine’s Day Floral Heart Bouquet

Valentine's DayValentine's Day IIValentine's Day Craft Supplies

A floral heart bouquet is a colorful way to say I love you!


– Cardboard heart

– Scissors

– Assorted artificial roses or flowers

Mini Glue Gun

General Purpose Hot Melt Glue



Cut a cardboard heart.  This can be any size you choose.  Apply hot glue to the base of a flower bud and place it at the center of the heart. Continue gluing each flower one by one as you build your bouquet to the outer edges of the heart.




Fall Decorative Pumpkin

Fall Pumpkin

With Autumn just around the corner, here’s a simple way to spice up the classic pumpkin!

You will need:

- a pumpkin (real or fake)

- some leaves (real or fake)

- white spray paint

Dual Temperature Glue Gun

- General Purpose Hot Melt Glue Sticks


- First spray paint the pumpkin white.

White Pumpkin

- Glue assorted leaves around the pumpkin.

White Pumpkin Glue Fall Leaves

-  Super easy! Super simply way to spice up your Autumn decor!